My name is Aneta Ivanova and I am 24 years old photographer born and currently working in Varna, Bulgaria. I’ve been fascinated by art since a little child, starting with drawing and painting at first, then switching to photography. After doing a lot of conceptional work and portraits I started experimenting with different techniques to give a new meaning to my photographs – at first long exposures, then double and multiple exposures combining a number of portraits, then portraits with landscape and nature elements.

I find inspiration everywhere around me. I read, listen to music, look at art, go for long walks and dream a lot. The sea has always been my ultimate source of inspiration which can bee seen in some of my works. What fascinates me is the fact that it is so unpredictable and powerful, always changing, it can heal us at some moments but also has the ability to destroy us in others.

I always try to keep my work as personal as possible, shooting self-portraits or portraits of my sisters mostly, as I feel that nobody else could actually recreate what’s in my mind better. I believe that an artwork should not be explained, that it should be asking questions rather than giving answers. For me art is something that’s happening inside the person who’s creating or viewing, it’s not a product or an object, it’s an experience.  And by this means, by viewing or enjoying art, one is creating it again and again, giving it new life each time.



“An ode to everything”, solo exhibition, Dedal, Varna 2016

“An ode to everything”, solo exhibition, SOHO, Sofia 2015

“Strange dreams” solo exhibition, Varna, 2013


#SeeMeTakeover Times Square 2014
Exposure Award travelling exhibition 2014
Galerie Sakura exhibition, Paris, France, 2013
“Women stories” Exhibition, Part of the CinEast Film festival, Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster, Luxembourg, 2013
EXPOSURE 2013 Exhibition, NYC
“Contrasts” collab exhibition with Samuil Petkov, Varna, 2012
Month of photography exhibition, Sofia, 2011
Photo forum exhibition, Sofia, 2010
Photo salon Varna and Sofia exhibitions, years 2009, 2012, 2013
Dedal group exhibitions, Varna, years 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
Germanos competition exhibition, Mall Sofia, 2008

Featured in


“Chip Foto Video” (China) magazine cover, August 2014
“Chip Foto Video” (Germany) magazine, June 2014
“Stylist” magazine (France), March 2014
“Luxos” (Italy)  cover, Milan design week special edition, 2014
“Better photography” (India) magazine cover, December 2012
“Better photography” (India) magazine cover, Hindi version, June 2013
Photographers Companion Magazine (China), August 2013


Contemporary Portraits, by Index Books

I’ve worked with

O2 Telefonica
Penguin Books USA
Oprah Magazine
New Scientist
Pilot Pen France
Nouveau Monde DDB
Wefactory, France
Rubicon Publishing Inc.
Éditions Gallimard

My work can be found in

Galerie Sakura, Paris
PhotoArts Gallery, São Paulo